Required by law to notify employer about the Divorce?


If signed the divorce papers am I obligated to notify my employer about the divorce, since I am planning to keep his medical insurance until the year end. Please advice. Thanks :?:


It’s a good idea to notify your employer of your marital status for insurance reasons and tax purposes. I don’t know that it’s required by law, but it will affect your tax deductions since you would now file single instead of married.


But thats mean he will not have insurance. I really do not care how much I have to pay for medical detectable, and I don’t think this will matter for filling taxes at the end of the year, Because paying for medical insurance doesn’t dictate the filling status (single or married). I need to know if I will be in trouble if I don’t report it. Thanks


I’m fairly sure that you can continue to cover your stbx on medical insurance until the end of the year though you are divorcing. Some insurance companies will allow you to change your coverage with a life changing event but I do not think it’s required until the next enrollment date.

I was referring to your tax withholding status that determines how much is taken from your salary each pay period, not the end of year filing status. For example: prior to marriage, I filed single w/zero deductions throughout the year so that more would be taken from my check and therefore, possibly lowering any amount I may have to pay in April. After marriage, I file married w/zero deductions and the amount of tax percentage changes…I do not know why. Regardless of what status you use on your taxes, it’s a good idea for your employer to know your marital status. But that’s just my opinion…I do not know that it is the law.


Thanks a lot stepmother.
For all you out there in refrence if its the law to report your status to employer or not? Any suggestion or comment are welcomed. Thank you All in advance.


I couldn’t find a specific law addressing your question. My only concern would be if you don’t tell your employer (and they’re giving you a discounted rate OR are paying your ‘family coverage’) that if something were to happen, that the insurance company may not cover it, or your employer may find out another WAY that you’re divorced but still getting ‘family rates’…they might get mad. In essence, you’re being deceitful to your employer and insurance company if you’re trying to cover someone you’re no longer legally married to…thus not legally family anymore. BUT your insurance company may allow it.

Every insurance company has different policies and different employers have different policies. I would be very careful in your decision. Of course, COBRA is always an open option for your ex, but it is rather expensive.


You must notify your employer of the divorce. If you continue to keep your spouse covered as a spouse when you are not legally married that is insurance fraud. If you are required to maintain coverage through the end of the year you must do so through COBRA.


Thank you all. I think you all right. I should report it as comingclean2 said what if something to happen and the employer as well as the insurance found out it will be really missy situation that I don’t need.