Responding to Complaint for Absolute Divorce

I received a Complaint for Absolute Divorce from my husband on 1/24/15. It was filed in Cumberland County NC. He resides at our home In NC. I live in Maine. I am NOT in agreement with this complaint & have to reply immediately. How do I go about responding? Can it be by letter to the Clerk of Courts? Can I get an extension to answer the complaint? I’m unemployed & can’t afford a lawyer or consultation at this time. Please help as I don’t know what to do. My back is against the wall.

You have thirty days to provide an answer to the complaint. The answer is an actual legal document, a letter to the clerk will not suffice. You can ask for an extension of time to prepare the answer, but you would need to file a motion and order for extension. You may want to consider using our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, and gives you access to our library of legal forms and the ability to ask questions to an online attorney.

You also may want to consider reading through our DIY Divorce eBook, it is a step-by-step guide about absolute divorce.