Retirement Income for child

If the custodial parent has retired and the child is also receiving benefits because of this parents retirement, do you add the child’s income to the gross income of the parent? If you leave it out and the amount of income for the child from the parents retirement is greater than the support the noncostodial parent has to pay then does the child support get waived. I have read the guidelines and it is still a bit confusing.

Just because the child is getting some other assistance, that doesn’t alleviate the non-custodial parent’s responsibility to provide support. Who is receiving the child’s retirement income? Where are these benefits coming from?

The guidelines state: Social security benefits received for the benefit of a child as a result of the disability or retirement of either parent are included as income attributed to the parent on whose earnings record the benefits are paid, but are deductible from that parent’s child support obligation. So if the income is coming from social security, it should be added into the income for calculation purposes.