Schooling and support

Harbourwoman, he’s not obligated to pay a flippin dime towards your child’s college education. If he agrees to then it is incorporated into the separation agreement. My ex agreed to secure the PLUS loan for parents the first 3 years that our daughter is in college and I will secure the PLUS loan for the 4th year. Her financial aid is determined based on my salary alone since she resides with me. The child will be 18 by the time he goes to college and can live wherever he wants to since he will be of legal age to do so.

In the state of NC child support ends at 18 or when child has graduated from high school unless some sort of special situation exists or has been written into the divorce agreement. Your husband wanting or not wanting to contribute to college is up to him.
I would think this would be a frivoulous case to take to court and end up wasting time and money for nothing. Your husband would find it easy to prove that NC has enough good calibre schools to fit your child’s needs without him having the need to leave the state.

This is for high school prep school; the reason for him to leave is because he shows promise for goaltending and has an interest in astrophysics as well. He currently attends private school here in Raleigh and plays travel level hockey. There is a history now where dad has paid for private education since we were divorced 5 years ago. Now our son wants to leave home. These schools feed into other schools that provide Division 1 and Division 3 scholarships. Think Princeton, etc.

He’s done well enough that even one of the famed goalie schools in Toronto gave him 50% off and a payment plan to help him attend.

A rather tough call, yes. In the meantime there is financial aid and we are applying. My son is 14, whatever decisions his father makes regarding his support, I just have to have definitive answers so I can let the schools know.

We do have a support and custody agreement. My ex is simply not happy at having to disclose his funds. He pays privately. If he becomes totally non supportive on his own, I suppose I can approach DSS about directly getting the support through them and forwarding it to the school.

He’s got the grades and might be able to secure financial aid. If the father does not want to support the effort, and the child secures the financial aid and has the grades and acceptance, what recourse does the child have to be allowed to leave the state to attend school?

If the father has paid for private education in the past, what is the chance that a judge will ask the father to continue supporting the child?

Can the child file for a change of order himself or does the custodial parent have to file?

Thank you.