Sep. and pregnant by boyfriend

Hi I separated from my husband several months ago. I just found out I am pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby. I met my boyfriend after I moved out. My estranged husband has been dragging his feet on the separation agreement, too. What kind of legal issues will I encounter as a result of this pregnancy?

Legally there are no issues.

So the fact that I am still married to another man and now pregnant by my boyfriend has no legal issues? I have heard where if I am married that technically, the baby is my husband’s. I guess it could be in another state where this law applies. Obviously, I’ve committed adultery in the eyes of the law since I am still married.

Yes, you have committed adultery, but the law does not presume the child is your husband’s since you no longer live together as husband and wife.

Is there a General Statue or case to quote to that?
For proof of arguement.