Separating the money



I have just begun the process of untangling our money. I am having him removed from bank accounts. But what about a credit card he has?
I think it in his name only but I think it was issued based on both our incomes and credit rating. Should I have him close it?

and if he opens a new account, will I be responsible for debt he runs up before we become legally separated or divorced?

thank you


If credit card balances were incurred during the marriage and for the benefit of the marriage, they are marital debts. If the card is in your husband’s sole name, it is best that the debt be distributed to him so that he can ensure his creditworthiness is maintained.

If your husband opens a new account after the date of separation, that is his separate debt entirely and you are not responsible for the same.


PLEASE be careful here. In my situation, credit cards I thought were no longer being used WERE being used. The bills were being diverted to a PO box that my ex set up right after he left. I didn’t find out about it until I ran a credit report (10 months after separation). I wasn’t getting bills, so I assumed they weren’t being used. Stupidity on my part and I got stuck with paying them off because they were joint accounts and I did not trust him to pay them.

Run a credit report on you. Run one on him. Make sure you know what is out there.