Separation, adultry

There is no way to attempt divorce before the one year and one day separation is completed.

Adultery is a crime in North Carolina and if you moved in with your boyfriend you would be giving the police evidence that you were committing adultery. I do not know if the state would pursue that against you or not.

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My boyfriend and his ex(soon to be ex-wife) have been separated since June 2006. We did not start dating until October 2006. She has a “Friend” in the local police department and things have seemed to be covered up. There have been several incidences where she has barged her way into the house, stolen his keys after he changed the locks and committed spousal abuse. He has called the cops on these issues, filled out a domestic abuse report and nothing has happened.

Because they do not have a legal separation agreement, I am told they are still “married”. I was supposed to be moving in with him, and she is now threatening to take legal action against us if I do. Is it legal to draw up a lease and live with him? SHe refuses to agree to attempt to divorce prior to the 1 year, 1 day law for North Carolina, and is also refusing to draw up a separation agreement.

What can I do? Can she take legal action against us for adultry? I don’t feel safe not living with him, in the same town that she is in because she has threatened me. If something does happen, I have a feeling it will end up “covered up” because of her friend in the police department (whose name we don’t know). Can someone please help?