Separation Agreement Help-Lawyer or Cert Div Finan Planner?

Hubby has returned home and I informed him I want a legal separation. He says he will cooperate to divide assets. Tax values on our properties totals about $800,000 (our residence plus some rental property and vacant lot) and we have no debt. Our kids are in college so no child support issue. I will volunteer to take on daughter’s college debt and he will take on son’s. I have a retirement account. I need someone to help divide our assets fairly. Would a lawyer be better or a certified divorce financial analyst? Do CDFA’s draw up separation agreements?

You need a lawyer to advise you regarding the separation agreement and the retirement issues.

What would something like this cost to have drawn up on average situation (house, car, short marriage)

Most attorneys bill by the hour, and have different rates depending on their level of experience, location, number of clients, and other factors. Attorneys also differ in the retainer amount they require to begin. There is no way to estimate the total hourly fee amount at the onset of the case as the number of hours work a case will take is always uncertain.

At Rosen we bill flat rates so you will know upfront exactly how much your case will cost you, start to finish. You may want to take a look at our fee calculator to get an estimate of what your total costs will be.