Your flate fee rate and services

I already secured an attorney who drafted our separation agreement, and the money in my trust account has already been used up with him. Since that time, I have had several questions come to mind including what is legal regarding my step children in addition to questions that arise about filing for divorce at the end of the separation. I have done my research, but answers to my specific questions cannot be found. Would your $199/month services be eligible to help answer my questions, even if they are difficult or more in depth than a simple, easy divorce? I have a difficult ex who is not communicating and is making things very difficult/high conflict. Thank you.

The Rosen Online Service is designed to help people navigate negotiations and court procedure while representing themselves pro se. It gives you access to our library of legal forms and communication with an online attorney; this service probably wouldn’t be a good tool for helping you interpret your signed separation agreement, but may be a helpful if you decide to file for divorce pro se. We also have a DIY Divorce eBook that can help you with filing for divorce.