Separation Agreement Online?

My husband and I agree on all topics- custody, visitation, child suppot, alimony, property division. We have been living separately for a year (taking turns staying at friends houses to try to make it more of a legal separtation while our house is for sale). We would like to creat a separation agreement. We do not feel we need any type of mediation because it is very straight forward and we want the same things. Is it safe to creat on online agreement? What is he best web site to use to do so? Is there a list out there of all things we need to consider so we make sure we do nto miss anythign important? Thank you for your input!

The Rosen Online service ( offers a full range of sample forms in our online library. There is a fee for this service, but it will provide you with all of the forms you need to complete a NC divorce.