DIY Divorce


I was going to do the online divorce and filled out the information needed and now have the documentations. My ex and I have been separated for almost two years, in the paper work from the online divorce their is a separation agreement…do i need to include this in the divorce my ex and I only had a verbal agreement to what bills he would pay. Also their is paperwork for child support agreement based on our incomes however I already receive child support through nc child support. Do i stll include the document and worksheet for child support in the divorce? Thank you.


Oh and we do not have any property…just bills that are in my name where he was co-signer…but he is suppose to be paying on two of them.


You should have a separation agreement related to the common bills as a verbal agreement would not hold up in court. Any agreement between spouses must be signed and notarized by each of you in order to be enforceable.
A separation agreement does not have to be included in the documents for the divorce, and if you are already receiving child support you do not need to include any information regarding the support in the divorce.