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Hi all,

We’re exploring some ideas about a new service and I’m hoping for some feedback from you. Feel free to respond here on the forum or by emailing me at rosen@rosen.com.

We get a ton of calls from people that can’t afford to spend $6,000+ on their divorce. We get bunch of calls from people that would rather do their divorce without getting lawyers involved. We get a fair number of calls from people that prefer to do things on their own and want to figure out how to get certain questions answered without retaining a lawyer.

Those calls have prompted me to consider retasking some of our lawyers in a new direction. I’m looking at setting up a Do It Yourself Online program for people that want to do this by themselves but need some answers from a lawyer.

What would you think of a service that provided unlimited email answers to your questions from a lawyer? What if you could also get any example form you might need (separation agreements, court documents, etc)? Maybe we could provide video instruction on court processes, a special forum for members, etc. As you moved through the process you could shoot of a quick email to the lawyers and get a quick response so that you don’t make mistakes along the way.

In thinking about this I’m wondering what you might think the value of the service would be. I’m thinking we would charge a monthly fee. A member could join for a month or stay as long as they like. Maybe a fee of $200 per month?

What are your thoughts? You folks are the people most likely to use a service like this so I wanted to get your feedback.

Please let me hear your ideas.


Lee S. Rosen

Rosen Law Firm
Divorce is Different Here

email: rosen@rosen.com


I am for it.


Thanks for your reply. We’re putting some ideas together but we need to be sure that people would be interested. I’d sure appreciate it if more people would weigh in here on by emailing me at rosen@rosen.com.

It’s important that we provide the services that work for you. Our objective is to understand what you want and give it to you. We can’t do it without your feedback.




That sounds wonderful to me. I spent $100.00 for one hour with a lawyer. That was without knowing what questions I really needed to be asking. Initially I think people just need to know what their options are. I never even heard of ED until I found this web site. I didn’t really understand the legal ramifications of a SA either. I believe the service would be beneficial for those of us who can’t afford to pay our bills and a lawyer as we go thru a devastating process. Thank you for this web site and all those that help you maintain it.


I think this would be great. I have spent over $8000 and am loosing everything trying to fight for my kids, get my personal things from the house, produce documents, court cost, etc…

I would pay $200 a month.


I think it’s a great idea. A divorce clinic here in my area charges $135 - but that is for just the paperwork and filing of an uncontested divorce. For example, I’m still unsure how to go about the filing of custody. So, $200 would be great and the service would be incredible.


This sounds like an excellent idea. It provides the client with more control over what issues they get assistance with. I would also suggest a follow up program to allow those whose divorces are finalized a means to get assistance if agreements are not upheld by the opposing party.


That would be an invaluable service and I’m sure it would be quite successful. I got my divorce the DIY way and it was hard. I even took a class at the Women’s Resource Center in Greensboro and when I went to the court house to file for divorce, it was nothing like I expected. When I went to court for the actual court date, I had the wrong paperwork. It was so stressful and yet, I had no choice due to finacial restrictions. The videos would be especially helpful but I think they would differ for each county.


sounds great- I am helping a friend with his divorce in Winston Salem. My divorce took place in Durham county and it was the easiest thing in the world but this county is different and I can’t find the documents that are needed to file with the court- the process is confusing. When will this be available???


I think it would be a great service and would personally be very interested in it. This is exactly what I am looking for now. I would be more than happy to volunteer for a beta program :slight_smile:

I spend more than $10k on an attorney to represent me for my ex’s Motion to Modify Custody - a completely frivolous filing, I might add, and it got me absolutely nowhere. I ran out of money and began representing myself and truthfully, I’ve done better on my own. I know my case better than anyone else could, but I do need guidance in the law. It isn’t my area of expertise.

I don’t want or need an attorney to represent me in court. I only need guidance in procedure, sample motions/forms and answers to some questions.

At first, the idea of being in court on my own was terrifying, so I did look for information on court procedures and processes and learning how it would flow - a video showing a typical court and typical process would be fantastic! After being in court a couple of times, it becomes far less scary.

The hardest part of representing yourself is knowing what to file and how to compose it so that it is in the format the court wants to see. Others on this site have been a life saver for me by providing samples of Motions filed.

$200 a month seems like a very fair price for this service.


Thank you all so much for your feedback. I’ve been receiving a bunch of emails in addition to all the posts here.

We’re going to launch the program soon based on your feedback. It will be a limited test and we’ll only be able to accept a small number of people.

I’ll provide more details here as soon as I have them.

Expect something early next week.

Lee Rosen


Excellent idea!


Mr. Rosen,
First I would like to say thank you for having a site like this in order to support people in times of stress and disarray. Secondly, your idea of charging for a service of this nature is in theory a sound idea. The cost of $200.00 per month is a little excessive. Here is why I believe it so. As you know, in NC, it takes a year and one day to be granted a divorce. I have been watching and using your forums for over that amount of time and many users ask the same question over and over. Also, during that year and one day, so many issues pop up from time to time and people really need some help. If you calculate the year and one day and the cost of membership at $200.00 per month, it comes to $4800.00. Simple math, right? Yes…but the parties involved still have no legal retainer. I would be totally open to the idea of $200.00 per month, if I had some type of representation. Also, please keep in mind that the service you provide right now with the forums is invaluable to people like me that went through a divorce. The information contained therein was able to keep me focused as I was threatened by my spouse. Just reading the posts provided me with such good information and guidance.

Again, thank you for your site and the information it contains. I will always be grateful that people like you are more interested in people than money. With this in mind, your business will grow at lengths even you could not imagine.

Much luck and good health!!!


Hi all,

Thanks again for all of your input.

We’re going to announce a service tomorrow that I think you’ll like. We’re putting the finishing touches on it now.

This will be a test for a very small number of clients. We’ll post notice of the signup process here and I’ll send an email to anyone that sent me email comments about the idea. If you want me to send you an email then please let me know and I’ll add you to the list for tomorrow.

We are going to limit this, for now, to a very small group so we can test and get the kinks out.

I’ll post an update here tomorrow.



Okay, I promised you I’d get something posted here today, so here we go.

We’ve launched a Do-It-Yourself service like we’ve been discussing here on the forum.

You can learn more about it and sign up at http://my.rosen.com

We are very tightly limiting the number of people that can sign up right now as we get the kinks out so there won’t be much traffic on the private forum. We have a bunch of content posted but we’re putting more up each day. If you need something, a form for instance, just ask and we’ll get it right up.

The most important feature of the program is, of course, access to a lawyer. We’re up and running on that front and you’ll get quick answers to your questions.

If you try to sign up and can’t it’s likely because we’ve cut off enrollment as we get things organized. We’ve sent out a bunch of emails to people that asked to be on the list and are only going to take a few enrollments so I suspect we’ll fill up quickly.



As someone who paid over a quarter of a million dollars for a lawyer and for absolutely nothing, I think a service that would allow someone to “represent” herself for a fee of 200 or so per month would be a welcome relief. I believe you would generate quite a bit of income this way. You should also require a small fee for the service you provide of answering questions like a subscription or something. It’s well worth it for people who are not versed in the law. I wish I had had a service available to me for a minimal charge rather than paying an incredible fee to a lawyer who did absolutely nothing for me. The old saying of you get what you pay for does not hold true in many divorce situations because most people going through a divorce do not know the legal channels. It’s easy for someone to be taken advantage of during this horrible low point of a life and unfortunately, some attorneys are low lifes who take advantage. Rosen provides a valuable service to many and having someone available to answer the many questions that arise would be so helpful. At a charge a client could understand would divert concerns about finances…I think this is a wonderful idea…too late for me, but it sure would help so many others who do not have the resources…


I think its a great idea. I need it NOW!!! :slight_smile:


It’s up and running. Come on in and signup. It’s at http://my.rosen.com.



I’m being forced to do a DIY custody case because I have been told by my child’s mother that every single lawyer and judge in town knew her father ( he is now deceased ) ( something I have verified ). I have text messages of her telling me that because of him and his once great standing in the community she will be looked after. So, I guess I feel like I could find an atty who will take my $6000 and do just enough to defend me without going the extra mile to try and win.

So I think this service would be a huge hit.

My only concern is that you mentioned UNLIMITED email for $200 a month. This is ripe for abuse and your attorneys will hit burn out QUICK and the service would likely be abandoned.

There will be people who will probably email untold numbers of times per day for ANYTHING without using the tools provided and some critical thinking skills to DIY. Again, my fear is burnout quick.



I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I would have LOVED to have had a service like this available while I was going through my divorce!!!