Kudos to Erin and Lee

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no connection to Rosen Law, besides being a website and forum user. Just a guy who’s wife left him and then put him through the wringer. The advice here helped me get half custody of my kids.

Over the last two years, I posed sometimes complicated questions here. Erin answered all of my questions correctly, even getting it right when my lawyer was dead wrong on issues. Seriously, I had to pay $4000 in attorney’s fees to my XW because of bad advice from my otherwise good lawyer. Erin answered the question I posed correctly and I should have confronted my lawyer with her answer. That would have saved me a bundle.

From what I can tell, lawyers make their money on messy divorces like mine. That is when you really need someone who knows their stuff. My experience with Rosen Law has just been from this message forum, and website, but it indicates to me that at least Lee and Erin have a great knowledge of the law.

Thanks very, very much.

Thank you very much for your kind words. We are always here to help.

I want to continue this line of thanks! This website is mentioned many times among my circle of single mommies as the place to go for those questions we can’t seem to find an answer on!

Happy Holidays to your entire staff!