Gratitude to Erin Clarey

I would like to thank you for your most helpful website and legal counsel.

Ms. Clarey has always responded quickly and with very sound advice or direction. I have not always heeded her suggestions, but months later I see where she is proved totally correct.

My advice for all who read this is: give careful thought to Ms. Clarey’s replies to your questions, even if they seem to contradict other legal “counsel” you may be receiving. Had I heeded her advice, I would not be in the position I am in today, with an alienated child outside of my physical custody. It hurts, but perhaps others can learn from my mistakes.

Sincere thanks again for all you all do for others.

Thanks for sharing your insight, Dad. I, too, must applaud Ms. Clarey’s tenaciousness in keeping all questions answered in a timely manner when sometimes it seems like our own attorneys have forgotten about us. Her insight is GREATLY valued!!

Thank you, Erin! You have been able to calm my heart a great deal these past couple of weeks.