Incredible Help!

I sent a few questions through this forum and got help but decided with a very complicated case that I am doing myself, to spend 199.00/month for Divorce help on this site. I have been divorced for 10 years and have breech of contract issues and other things that we all have during this whole process. So worth the money!. Erin Clarey is walking me through the process with information that I could never have figured out myself! Please, if you are like me, at the end, with no money for legal fees, get help through this site. Well worth the money…Erin Clarey needs an award for helping people truly in need.

I agree 110%, Erin has been a tremendous help and safety net for my confidence and mental well-being throughout this experience. I am so truly appreciative of her hard work and help for those of us being able to move forward with our lives and benefiting from the fruits of her labor!! THANKS ERIN!

You are most welome.

Could you give more info as to how you only apy $199 month for information and do not have to use an attorney. I am not finding
what you are referring to.

Hi! There is a blue colum/box on the right side of your screen…Click on it and it will take you into all the information. You will then sign up for 199/month for the month ,starting on the day you sign up. You will then be able to post specific individual questions that relate to your specific case. There is also a library of forms to help you. When you get stuck they can help you. Good Luck with your situation! Erin will be of great help…