New Attorney?

Well, we won round one, Judge agreed to hear it. Now we need to set the date for modification !(before I go into labor!)

I am here to tell you mommie…I’m wearing the same shoes in respect to the attorney…I agree you get what you pay for. Have you spoken with a Rosen attorney?

I’ve had some time off to go to the county courthouse and sit in on some divorce cases…you get to see attorneys at their best/worse and can grab one leaving the court for a card. Also, you get an idea of how a judge rules.

I hope it works out for you…keep us posted!

Thanks Kenmore,
I thought of doing that, sitting in court and see how things go with other cases and attorneys.
Great idea. I have thought of speaking with a Rosen attorney, but then I saw their fees were $42-48k for custody cases that are as messy as mine.

Geeeez!..I should have gone to law school!

My lawyer treats my case as if its piddly to her. I am also concerned about how it looks if I switched lawyers again?

lorie shortman

If you are uncomfortable with the services your attorney is providing I would recommend consulting with a second attorney to get an opinion on how your case is progressing. In that meeting your attorney can assess whether or not changing an attorney will be detrimental to your case.

Family law attorneys cannot charge a contingent fee and cannot base a fee on the outcome of the case. They will all charge the same fee regardless of the outcome of your case.

The fees you quoted for a custody case with our firm seem high. Our consultation fee is $250, you can call Shawn McMullen in our office to schedule a consultation, you can be given an estimate of fees for your specific case in that meeting.

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Hi all,
Modification of custody mom here again!

Well - today is the day. My attorney and his are fighting for reasons why we should (and shouldn’t) be heard for modification of custody. My stomach is in knots, I feel so sick.
My attorney emailed me, 13 minutes before he was due in court for this, three of the KEY QUESTIONS he should of already known. I almost fell of my chair. I feel like he knows not a THING about my case. He may as well of asked me what my last name was again.

My question, how bad would it look to change attorneys?
Also, do you get what you pay for? He is more affordable than alot I have seen, is this why I am getting this horrible service? My girls should be back at home with me by now, but everything I bring up, my attorney shrugs off as if it is not a big deal. Different women in and out of his home, for example, as well as internet pornography dating sites he is on. My attorney said “well, half the county lives like that” as if it were acceptable. I do not live like that nor do I believe it is acceptable.

It is aggrivating to feel like your attorney is working for the other team, should it be that way?
First I lost custody because I had NO attorney, now I am losing modifications because I have a horrible one… I give him SO MUCH information, ammunition for him to use, and I swear he doens’t evne look, or retain at 97% of it.
I have not heard back from him yet if we have gotten the OK from the Judge to proceed with a modifications hearing, but I am preparing myself for the worst.
I make decent living, however, with a large child support payment each month (that my lazy attorney should of already had reduced) I cannot afford a $42k attorney bill.

Could an attorney look at my case, charge a small retainer then upon WINNING charge me a larger amount? I would be willing to give up a leg if we could just win.
We need some major help and advice here.
Thanks all, keep us in your prayers!!!