Separation agreement/leaving the state with child


Long story short…My husband has a drug addiction that has come between us. It has been on and off for the past several years. I have decieded that I am leaving with my child to go stay with my family in CO for mental support. I have asked him to sign a separation agreement with me in front of a judge that basically says I can leave the state with our child while he gets himself sober and he can then come to live with us there to start a new life. He is telling me that he will have me ordered to not leave the state of NC with our son. I need to know my rights. I have been a stay at home mother to our son and have done nothing but good to him during the past almost 2 years of our marriage. I dont feel like I should have to sacrifice my and my sons lives anymore for his addiction. What can I do and how can I do it. By the way I have emails that can prove he was cheating and doing drugs and also paying hookers last summer. this most recent time I found his drug stash in our garage. I have pictures of the bag of meth he had been using as well.

Thanks Michele