Separation Agreement


For the whole year my ex and I were separated we have been trying to finalize the separation agreement. Tweaks here and there. But the issue has been to her at least the amount of child support I pay. We agreed to an amount verbally before the separation which I started in Dec of 2009. Then her and her lawyer tried to move me to schedule A and get me to pay $300 more a week, which I quickly defunct with schedule B, keeping me at $500. And of course she had my W-2 going into 2009. Then in November of 2010 she wanted current pay stubs which I gave (nothing had been signed as of yet just to keep you up to date). When I followed up with her lawyer in regards to the separation agreement I am now being told she wants my 2010 W=2, that, and I quote from her lawyer, “Sorry for the inconvenience, but best to have actual year end incomes so there is no question regarding the child support in the future.” Well my W-2 isnt anymore then her annual salary so she is in for a big surprise. Because I cant afford a lawyer and her father is paying for hers, I am at her mercy.

But my question is, What now. Can they wait to see what happens in 2011 before signing this damn thing before the divorce or does she have to stick with what is on my W-2???

I want to pay what is fair to take care of my boys and she just keeps trying to dig for things like I am hiding money somewhere and I am not.

What recourse do I have now? I would like to record my conversation with her lawyer when I bring her my copies of my W-2 so I have some proof if this starts to get nasty.

Thank you.


They can wait as long as they want and do not have to sign any agreement. You can file an action through child support enforcement to have the amount of support calculated and entered by the court if you wish to finalize the issue now.