Separation Agreement and child support

Unfortunately, I was taken by surprise when my X decided to leave. I was emotional and distraught. How can one make good decisions then? I had a lawyer but she didnt catch the latest of my discoveries in the separation agreement. My X was giving me $753 for child support. That was $100 more than the calculator came up with . He is a very successful businessman and so I anticipated his salary continuing to climb. We wrote in that the child support would be recalculated yearly. Well, he wrote in using the adjusted gross income. I NOW know what the adjusted gross income is. Yikes! Im sure he socked away the max into retirement 17K, he gets to deduct alimony 18K and I add it to my total. I roughly calculated that my child support will drop way down. Im estimating 6K. Yes, I get alot of alimony but isnt that meant for me. Im sure he is bitter about that and figured he’d get me on the child support. I will play his game next year and put 17,500 in my pretax IRA. But, this year I was just coping and seeing where I stood with my wage. I signed the agreement. At the end, I didnt have a lawyer as she was slow in reviewing things and I went ahead and signed. Could I go to court and fight the adjusted gross income clause? Would I have a good chance of winning? It just seems deceptive in the spirit of providing for his child.

Thanks in advance

I would need to read the agreement and discuss the calculations with you before I could make an informed decision about your predicament. You may need to have a consultation with an attorney to discuss further and come up with a course of action.