Separation and Divorce


I have been separated since May of 2011. We have not signed a separation agreement at this point because we had no property together and no children, never lived together, etc. However, he sent me a separation agreement basically stating that we didnt want anything from each other except he wanted to take my engagement ring. So I sent the agreement back saying it needed to be changed. It has been months and I still haven’t received anything back, and his attorney return my calls. So, my question is:

would it be wise to go ahead and file for divorce without the agreement, even though he obviously felt it was necessary to send one in the first place but has no interest in finishing it?

And one more question, if I decide to file for divorce, will I have to provide the court with his address? I do not know his current address and have no way of contacting him. How would I file for divorce if I do not even know where he lives or where he is?

Thank you so much!


If there is nothing that needs to be divided, you can probably safely file for divorce without having a separation agreement entered. When you file for divorce, you will have to have him served, so you will need to either track down his address or serve him via publication which can be very expensive depending on where you reside.