How do I know if spouse has filed for divorce?

We have been separated for over a year now, but have not heard anything from my estranged spouse, in fact in the year+ I’ve maybe heard from them 3 times. None of those interactions were good, but other than those times, there has been no communication. I’m not even sure where they live or how to contact, so if I was to file, I’m not even sure where to serve my spouse. We do have a separation agreement which I’ve signed recently to protect myself; my attorney advised me to sign since it was very advantageous to me do so. I don’t know who my spouse’s attorney is; I thought I could remember the name from the envelope I sent their copy of the separation agreement, but for the life of me can’t. Is there a way to look online to find out if my spouse has filed? I have no idea if they’d choose to serve by mail or ask the sheriff’s dept to serve – I know that the sheriff can take a lot longer and especially if it is between two counties. I have a feeling this is going to be pain since I have no communications nor do I know where the other party lives.

If you don’t know where he lives, it will be difficult to determine if he has filed for a divorce. If you are filing, it will be easier and less expensive if you know where he is located.