Separation and the house

I’ll try to keep it short.

Wife and I were married Jan '10, I moved into her house she’d owned 4 year previous.
She put me on the deed to the house in April.

This went south and we contemplated separation and she said I get nothing from the house. I was told by people, not lawyers, that
I could get 1/2 the equity since i was on the deed. Not just half of the equity since we’ve been married, but half the equity period.
(she put a sizeable down payment on the house when she bought it)

Wife got scared of this and came up with a plan to charge me with a 50b. No proof for the 50b, not mark on her nothing, but it was granted.
(i love our police) You don’t have to have any proof, just an allegation.

So, my questions are these two
A. is it true if I’m on the deed I’m entitled to 50% equity in the house and not just for the time we were married?
B. if this 50b were to hold up, could it affect anything on question A?

The 50b will likely not affect ED. As for the home, since she deed the home to the marriage it will be presumed that she gifted the property to the marriage. However, based on the facts of this case I believe the court would consider it equitable to award a large portion of the equity, (if not all) to your Wife, based on the length of the marriage and the size of the down payment.