Separation and vehicle possession

My husband and I are separating. He has a vehicle titled to him only. I drive the vehicle that is titled to both. There is a lein on the vehicle in both names. I plan on taking the vehicle with me and assuming the payment. Can I do that without him taking the vehicle. It is the only one with my name on the title.

This is also the only property that we own together other than household items. There are no children involved either. There is a joint account but nothing to amount to much.

Utility bills that have both names on them. What do I do if he will not agree to take my name off of them? Have them turned off? Please help.

You may take the vehicle and assume payments. Once the lien is paid in full and the title is released you will need your husband to sign the title over to you and re-register it with the DMV. As for the utility bills, you may turn them off in the event he does not remove your name. I suggest that you have a separation agreement drawn up which covers these items, especially the car. Otherwise there is no way to force your husband to sign the title over after you are divorced, and he will still have joint ownership of the car.

Thank you for your time in answering. Helped me very much.

You are welcome, I wish you the best.