Separation/DVPO/Divorce HELP!


I think I responded to another one of your postings, so I will say that alimony is not a given. He is obviously a deadbeat and is probably capable of supporting himself, and a judge will see that.


My situation feels very complicated…My husband left our house about 3 months ago voluntarily, there is a history of dv, and since he left the harrassment/stalking had persisted, I obtained a restraining order, and 3 days into the ex parte order he violated it, he is currently sitting in jail for the violation. He is a convicted felon, with probation violation charges pending (weapons poss. by a felon), also with charges of providing false information to a uniformed officer.
I just obtained the reports from the county sheriffs dept for all the times they have been out, in about 3 reports he falsly states in one that I’m bipolar, in another I have a personality disorder and see a shrink 3 times a week, in another i’m bipolar and take anti-psychotic meds. None of which is true.
My real questions are, I have a house which was purchased within the marriage, my name is the only name on the loan, and like a fool his name is on the deed. Whenever I wanted/stated I wanted “us” to be over he always threatened to take the house, and get me for alimony, I have also been the only one with a steady job (US Marine), he goes from job to job and doesn’t stay with one long. My only objectives are to get away from this horrible abusive relationship, keep my house for myself and two kids (not his), and not pay him alimony. I have supported this man since the relationship began.
I am under the understanding that dv is considered a “fault” and I should be fine and keep my house. I myself have no legal/criminal problems/background Any response would be appreciated. Thank you. Kerry[?]