Separation papers

I have no attorney and my stbx presented me with separation papers. He wants me to walk away from an 11 year marriage in which he worked most of the time, with an alimony amount for 1 year and my car and he gets everything including the house. He says if I fight him he will let the bank take the house and I can have half of nothing. We have no children together but, I have three and one still at home with me. I am a full time student and no income and he has refused to put food in the house and I can’t even get food stamps because he won’t leave and I can’t. If I sign the papers just to get out can I contest the divorce and ask for longer alimony at the time of the divorce? I need some advice of what to do. Please, any help is welcome.

DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING without a lawyer. Sounds like a royally bad deal and if you sign you will be stuck with it. Separation agreements are very difficult to change later if at all.

No, you cannot renegotiate alimony after signing an agreement. I suggest you meet with lawyer in the immediate future to create an action plan. You may be eligible to have your husband pay a portion of your attorney’s fees as well.