My husband and I have been separated for several months now. Upon separation, we both signed a separation agreement which states we can act as if no longer married, etc.

About three months after my separation, I started dating someone I liked, and moved in with him a couple of months later (bills are expensive being on your own).I’ve been very careful to avoid any types of intimacy other than kissing, as is my understanding of the law. Our separation agreement handled everything: Alimony, Equitable distribution, changing my name back to my maiden, etc. Also, there are no kids in the relationship/marriage.

In short, I just want to confirm that as long as I don’t engage him sexually, that I can date as I have been. That is, we can both go out on dates, kiss, etc. We are both ok with waiting until after the divorce for that other level of intimacy. Thanks for your help!!! - Barb