Seperate Property

My husband and I separated about two months ago. He took all of his property and left a boat, truck, and jet ski behind. He refuses to pick it up and have told me to do as I wish with it. It is separate property and titled to his name only. I don’t want them and I want him to come and get those things. What can I do to make him pick it up or dispose of them (not at my expense)?

Put them on Craigslist !

You shouldn’t do anything with his separate property until you have either a separation agreement or an equitable distribution order is entered. If you do anything prior to either of these, the court could potentially use your actions against you as one of the equitable distribution factors in determining the division of the marital assets. I would suggest speaking with an attorney to give your spouse specific deadlines for removal of his property and documenting same so that you can show the court that you did everything in your power prior to disposing of it without his permission.