My husband and I are in the middle of our separation, it’s been five months. He’s military and I am working for Cumberland county schools. My husband has a car, he did have a motorcycle, I’m not sure if he still has that and also we have a truck, which is mine but in his name, I never owned a vehicle so my credit wasn’t so great. But he did buy the truck for me and now that we are separated he has the upper hand with it being in his name, am I supposed to just give it to him? cause I’m worried this makes me look bad, I just don’t know what my rights are as his wife and this is my only vehicle, and I have a kid to get to and from school and I also work. So I just don’t know what exactly I am able to do for this or how to go about it!

Even if the truck is in only your husband’s name, if it was purchased during the marriage with marital funds, then it is marital property and you are equally entitled to the truck. You will need a separation agreement or equitable distribution court order in order to divide the marital property among you and your husband.

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