Division of property

My husband and I are in the middle of a heated divorce. The house we lived in was a house fully paid for that he inherited before we met and I understand I have no claim to that house. There are three cars that we have. Two in his name and one in mine. My car that I paid for in full before we met has been sitting with a dead engine for almost two years. The car that I’ve been driving is a car that he paid for before we met, although it is literally falling to pieces and has left me stranded many times. The truck that he drives is one that he financed right when we met and the majority of the payments were from our joint married account. I am trying to convince him to fix my car (he’s a mechanic that never bothered to do anything with it) since he’s demanding to have his loaner car back. So I’m just wondering if I have any claim to the truck in case I am left without a car.

If the truck he is driving has any marital value, then yes, this asset should be accounted for in equitable distribution and the value should be split equitably between the parties along with the other marital assets.