Vehicle/insurance in my name ex leaving state

I have been separated from my wife for 21 months. She would not complete the separation papers and filed for divorce five months later. We have been in a limbo separation with no court orders this entire time. Two mediation sessions failed, one a year ago, and one about 10 months ago, but again that was all we had until June 2. On June 2, I was granted temporary custody of my two daughters 15 and 7. My wife had wanted to leave the teen and tried to take the younger child. Now, two weeks later she is leaving to another state, leaving the mortgage, leaving the bills, etc. She is planning on taking the car. Although she has been making the loan payments, the loan is in my name, the insurance policy is carried and paid by me. Does she have a right to the vehicle? Or, can I ask that it stay here? I am worried about liability most. I thought that each person was entitled to one vehicle. We are not divorced as of yet. We have not had a visitation hearing as of yet. We have had no equitable distribution hearings. Nothing. This process is really insane!

She has a right to take the care in so far as her doing so is not stealing since it is martial property. If you wish to keep the car you may file a motion for interim distribution and ask that the car be distributed to you.

Thank you very much!

You are welcome, I wish you all the best.