Car ownership

My wife of 20 years decided on march 16th that she no longer wanted to be a wife and mother.That she wanted her freedom.I have made many attempts trying to get us back together as a family.She refuses to even consider it.My question is she took my honda accord that i had to buy for her to drive because she had her car that i cosigned for repossed.I have a vehicle to get to work but i also have my kids,A 17 yr old son and a 19 yr old daughter.I work for a local phone company and usually work very late hours.leaving them here with no way of helping me out by getting a job,or getting son to school.Or just generally running errands and things to help out.Things my wife used to help with.She just walked out which i feel is abandonment.I also expect adultery as i found a very inappropriate birthday card from her boss.I had to get a loan from my 401k since she pretty much ruined my credit.I had to pay remaining $4000 to settle with loan company and then paid $6000 for a car for her to drive.Well i now need my car back for my children to drive,As i cant get a loan until 2016.Not to mention how the loan has affected my 401k earnings.The car is tiltled and registered to me.Her name is no where on title or registration.I have spoken with several high ranking sherriff officials that informed me that i could indeed go get the car.Because it is registered to me.I just need to know that they are correct.The dmv told me the same thing.I dont feel she should be able to keep the car i bought because she lost hers.And under the circumstances i need it back badly.

Equitable distribution deals with the division of marital assets. Even if the car is titled in your name, it is a marital asset, and is subject to division. It may be completely legal for you to take the car based on title, but that is a criminal question, and it is outside of the scope of this forum.