Seperation 101 please


My wife is moving into her own place in May and I will have a place of my own as well. I’m dedicated to reconcile while right now that is not what she is showing or expressing to me. During the seperation what are my rights during the one year of seperation? Should I file anything with the courts? We are getting along well, there are no fights or violence. She “needs” space and time to work out her issues about reconciliation. She is not telling me that she wants a divorce. Can you please give me some recommendations oh how I should handle myself over the year? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Every situation is different, so it’s difficult to give advice for how you should act regarding your potential reconciliation, but in order to best protect your interests, you should proceed as if the separation will be permanent. Work towards separating your assets and negotiating a final division of the marital estate. If you don’t have the issues of alimony and equitable distribution settled prior to the entry of a divorce decree, you lose your right to file these claims, so it is best to negotiate a resolution prior to the divorce so that you do not have to proceed in court.