Seperation adultry

my husband and i have been seperated since april, i moved out , he started talking to his girl friend so he says in jan.
( i moved out of bedroom in nov ), he admited to sleeping with her and is going on a cruise the end of this month with her. i remnided him that we are still married and he has commited adultry… he says he does not care what the law says what he does in his own home is his business. Our SA is signed. can i get alimony for a longer time since he has admited to adultry.
we were married 21 yrs… sa says he pays for 7. He also took her to Norfolk for 4th of july weekend… she stays at his (our prioir marital home ) alot. and i suppose she sleeps in our old bed. I current now live in California will that make a difference. i picked up all my clothes and drove across country , leaving all furniture behind.

His admission has no effect on alimony that has already been established and you cannot now seek more.