Seperation and Tax Refund and Property

My husband and I filed joint taxes for 2010. We separated prior to receiving the refund and intended to split it in half. I gave him $800 in cash and a check for $750 on the day he moved out of the house only to realize that he took a $1500 bedroom set without my knowledge. I stopped payment on the check as repayment for my half of the bedroom set which was purchased during the marriage.

My issue is that he believes that I still owe him the $750 because he purchased the bedroom set for us with money from a back tax refund. The money was from a refund for a year prior to our marriage, but he filed taxes and received the money during our marriage.

Does he have a claim to the $750?

It is arguable that he gifted that money to the marriage, and therefore is not entitled to it back.

Thank you very much. You’ve been extraordinarily helpful.

You are most welcome, I wish you all the best.