With holding Tax Return Money with my name on

My husband, well we have been separated one year two months. He lives with his Father I have custody physical custody of children. We have five together. He received income tax check, my name was on the check also; he now refuses to show check and give me half. He has an account with a bank. We do not. He was not issued through check support enforcement and does not pay child support. He has just payed bills to the home that the children and I live in, he used to live in also. It is a rental. I have been unable to work I was a stay at home Mom for sixteen years and then lung surgery this past December. I am broke and have to ask for a few dollars here and there from him. He is a controller and abuser. He works for Lance. He is also building a garage behind his father’s home. We have no extra money to get the things we need. What are my rights? My name was on tax check made out to both of us and claimed our children? I ask he refuses gets me upset and tapes conversation without my knowledge??? Can he do that too?

If you cannot reach an agreement with him about support and the division of assets (including the check), you should file a complaint for child custody, child support, spousal support and equitable distribution so that the court can enter an order and you can get the relief you deserve.