Seperation or Divorce


I would like to file for divorce immediately, is there another state I could go to or do I have to wait 1 full year.

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and it has come to an end. I filing papers for seperation, we have “DIFFERENCES” that cannot be resolved and is not healthy for my kids, I have a house which is purchased in my name and both our name is on the deed. I told him I would draw up a new deed and his name does not have to appear on it. He receive ss benefits, and working under the new law for ss but they can only make a certain amount. I have 3 children two by him, all of are teenagers. We are in mutual agreement of selling the house as well. I will be purchasing a house but what clause is stated in the seperation if you are going to buy a new home where he wouldn’t have any rights to what I buy.