Dear frustrated:

Greetings. It is time to put your foot down to your unreasonable and angry spouse. Here is my suggestion. Tell her a date certain that you plan to move. Tell her that from the date you move you will pay guideline child support, and if you are liable in the future for alimony, tell her that you will pay only 1/3 of the sum you have offered previously. I would put the date of the move two or three weeks out and really plan to move. The motivation to get a good deal should help her to sign.

When in doubt and stuck, sometimes all you can do is move out. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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Raleigh, North Carolina 27607

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Hi help!!. I served my wife with seperation papers 8 weeks ago. Did not mail certified or have them delivered by law enforcement. She said she wanted to go to mediation instead. Went to mediation. Everything mediator suggested she responded no to. Now refuses to sign papers at all. Seperation agreement is very fair. Giving her house and all furnishings, car, she has already cleaned out all bank accounts to the sum of $10,000, only thing I am asking for is split custody of our twin daughters, she refuses. My lawyer just wants me to keep throwing money at her, ex. pay off her vehicle, up child support to 1800.00 month etc. She is working making very good money. I am currently living in our downstairs bedroom. My question is, what can I do in order to leave the residence and try to start a life with my children if she will not sign the seperation papers? My lawyer is not alot of help!!. Considering new lawyer but would like a little more information before I dish out more $$$. What are my legal options?