Served summons and complaint


Dear hugheske:

Greetings. 1. Yes, she would have filed for ED in the same complaint.

  1. Yes, she loses rights to your retirement, but the house issue is more difficult. You stop being tenants by the entirety, and begin to own the house as joint tenants, which may mean that you do not retain your rights to 1/2 the equity. Thank you.

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I was served with a summons and complaint by my soon to be ex. It was the same format as the one on your website for do it yourself divorce…(I filled them out, printed them and sent them to her with the instructions on how to file) Anyway, we have settled all matters except for the equity in the family home and my retirement…In A separation agreement I sent her, I have given her all of the equity in the home in return for her waiving rights to my retirement. She has yet to sign and send back the agreement. My questions are these

  1. If she had filed asking for ED, would it have been listed in the complaint as well?

  2. If the divorce is finalized and she has not signed the separation agreement or made an ED Claim 1) Do I retain rights to 1/2 the equity in the home because my name is on the deed? 2) Does she automatically lose rights to my retirement?

Thank you for the help.