Serving of papers

Sheriff can not catch the defendant to serve custody papers. Its been a week. We believe that the neighbors have forewarned him that the sheriff is knocking on his door. What can we do to get these papers in his hand.

If our attorney sends them certified, the postman leaves the slip in his box, but he does not go to the post office to pick it up? Then what. Does he have to sign and pick them up for it to be proof he was served.

Or does the slip serve as his notice. Does the proof of responsibility fall on him to pick them up / if he does not pick them up what next? What is the best thing to do. Keep letting the sheriff try, we have given them several addresses where they may find him. I think he is running

If you serve someone by certified/registered mail, they must sign for the envelope before it counts as service. A slip in the mailbox notifying the person that they have certified mail to pick up does not count as service. The person being served does not have to sign and accept the certified mail.

The best bet is usually to keep having the sheriff’s office trying to serve him. It helps if you can give the sheriff’s office specific times that they can catch him at the address you’ve given. Also, if he has any court dates you are aware of, you can notify the sheriff’s office of this and they can serve him in court.