Settlement Negotiation

My spouse and I were attempting to settle our property ourselves. I was going to buy her part of the home. This was our only issue along with one debt, property taxes and homeowners insurance which I paid and thought I deserved credit which she did not. We both had a figure but still hadn’t reached a compromise, which I would be willing to do without going to court.
She notifies me she went a head and filed papers to get process started and negotiations will continue on the property settlement. A few days later I get papers for request of production. She wont respond to my call/email on negotiation. Can I submit a letter to her attorney stating I’m willing to offer the amount she was previously asking for or what would you recommend. We had both agreed the house was the only divison we were going to have, furniture, etc. was already split and each others financial stuff we weren’t going to involve. Also should tax returns be requested just for years married, the request stated 2003-2009. we married end of 2005 and separated Dec.2008.

You may negotiate directly with her attorney, and can offer the amount she originally requested if you feel this is a fair and reasonable amount.

I see no reason why they need tax returns back to 2003, and would recommend you object to that request as the information is not relvant.

If she accepted the negotation would I still have to submit the production request, granted it was within the thirty days or 60 extension.

If you settle a case prior to discovery being due and have an executed agreement regarding the terms of the settlement you will not have to produce the documents.