Shares in business


My husband (soon to be ex) owns his own business/corporation. I have shares in this business. Since we have separated I have no idea if there is money in this business or not. In the proprosed separation agreement he states that I will not be held responsible for any debts within this business acct. THis makes me wonder if there is money in this business account. Before signing the SA, i would like to know A: if there is money, B: if there is money?, am I entitled to any? and C: am I entitled to have access to this account?

How is the best way going about getting this info from him, since he is not willing to share.

jilted mom.


If he is not willing to share, I would suspect the business is profitable and has a value, of which you are entitled to one half of the marital portion of said value. If your husband refuses to share this information, I recommend you file a lawsuit and engage in discovery which will force your husband to turn the documents over.