Hi seachaser… I would post this in the other forum where an attorney would answer your question…the one marked legal issues. You’ll get better response there than in the Parenting issues thread…


My wife and I own a company. She took all our working capital out of our corporate bank account and was given our corporate records by our CPA after we agreed to his handling of our financial matters. After many letters sent to him requesting copies of our information I have not been allowed to review our company books. She has started paying herself a huge salary, opened a new bank acount and is now representing herself as President of the company. She has basically cut me out of our business that we own 50-50. She is in violation of our contract and filing a 2007 tax return without my participation. I have a divorce attorney but no action has been taken. I have not had access to the corporate money, decisions, and not looked at our books in over 8 months. How can this be done and can I do anything?