Signing Over leagal rights?


My husband and I will be divorced on 12-20…, However yesterday he advised me that he is signing over his parental rights to our two daughters tomorrow to his parents…When I asked why he would do this he stated that in case his parents wanted to get custody from ME the Mother… Question is what are the chances that Grandparents could get custody in this case seeing Im a fit Mother who works and provides a nice home for my Children and has them involved in girls scouts, church etc… Also what would be the reasoning befhind this?? IWhat are the chances of grandparents getting custody of Grandchildren?? If he gives up his geal rights and our Divorces decree states I have sole physical custody and share legal custody then what happens? DO I have both cole physical and legal custody?


Unless you have been adjudicated as an unfit parent by a court your husband cannot grant ANY rights to his parents, or anyone else.


If for some reason if is adjudicated as an unfit parent and his parents are given his rights could they fight me in court for custody? COuld they win? Or woud I have an upper hand because I am the bological Mother? He has stated they have court tomorrow…


No. As the biological mother who has not been adjudicated as unfit the grandparents to not have the ability to sue you for custody, and the father cannot give them that right.