Social Security Disability

I have recently received Social security benefits this month. Social security will be back paying me from the beginning of my entitlement, (about 4 years worth of pay in one lump sum check.) I may have to file for divorce in the next year.due to emotional abuse during my illness. Will my husband be legally entitled to any of this back paid money by social security?
I also will have to go out of town to receive medical treatment for a couple of weeks. Although I am not presently legally separated (the husband comes and goes as he pleases from the residence). Is there anything I can do to legally to protect my furnishings from being removed from the residence while I am gone? I am afraid I will come home to an empty house.

If you are not separated, then any income (or benefits) you receive during the marriage are considered marital property. So, if you subsequently separate, and your spouse initiates an action for equitable distribution, those funds are considered marital property.

I can’t really advise on how to protect your assets in your home if you have not separated.