Sole Legal Custody vs. Shared Legal Custody

My STBX are negoiating terms of SA and currently STBX will have sole physical custody with me having visitation. STBX also wants Sole Legal Custody instead of Shared Legal Custody. Would this mean that STBX could dictate where I could go or not go with our child during my visitation times?

Some examples, all of which are during my visitation days…
Could STBX forbid us from seeing a PG-13 movie (child is 13)?
Could STBX force me to take child to choir practice for which STBX signed the child up?
Could STBX forbid me from taking child out of state on vacation?
Could STBX forbid me from taking child to see my parents without good reason?

If you consent to your STBX having sole legal custody, she will have the right to have to make all the decisions regarding the child’s health, schooling and well being. You should include a provision that allows for you to make the day-to-day decisions when the child is with you, and include a provision that ensures you are able to vacation where you please during your time.