Making major decisions for the child

STBX wants the full legal right to have the final decision for major issues for our tween child after we separate. I need to know how hard to fight for this. Giving this up would mean STBX would have the right to decide certain things like which school the child should attend, which in-network doctor the child would see, if the child should take Spanish or Art in school, etc. I beleive STBX loves the child, and would not act out of spite and those issues I would trust STBX to make the decision. So what other types of (feasible) situations might come up that I would want this privilege?

Normal custody distributed is joint legal, primary physical. Unless you are unfit, you won’t have to fight hard at all, just express that you want equal opportunity to share in the decision making for your tween…it’s not unreasonable and you will certainly attain that with no problems.