Someone sueing 8 years later?


Dear screening:

Greetings. Tell your fiance (who you may want to check into a little more before marrying him) to go and turn himself in to have a DNA test. Why would he not want the test to clear this whole thing up. He would have had to make the request for a DNA test anyway, as the woman filing the action would not have requested it.

Something does not sound right to me, but it sounds like he is not giving you all the information. I have not heard of the police forcing anyone to have a DNA test or putting someone in jail for not complying.

Of course if it took her 8 years to need the child support or to find your fiance, that may be why she waited.

Here is my suggestion. First, call the woman…ask her what she wants, to meet, to make sure she has the right man. If she does have the right man…well, you will have a lot of thinking to do. If she does not, she will dismiss the lawsuit against him. Best of luck.

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My fiance was served with papers about 7 months ago that said he was being sued for child support from a woman in a county about three hours away. The child is now 8 years old…the problem is that my fiance has NO idea whatsoever who this woman is. He has been to court in our county concerning this, and he’s spoken with people in the other county, both times was told that they didn’t know anything about the case, couldn’t help him, etc. Well, he was served with papers again today, saying that he had to turn himself in to be extradited to this other county to have his DNA checked!! My fiance doesn’t want to turn himself in, because he does not want to be thrown around the jails for a couple of days by this and the other county. We are very upset about this whole thing and he honestly believes this is a mix up, as it has happened with traffic tickets before, another man has the same first, middle and last name.
So my first question is what in the world should he do? Also, how can this woman sue him (whoever the real father is) all of a sudden, eight years after the fact? Now she all of a sudden decides she wants some money, despite the fact she went this long never letting him see his child??