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I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. Dealing with difficult people of questionable stability is one of the most challenging aspects of our work and often we are unable to find a solution to situations such as yours. Sorry.

Good luck.

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I am writing you because the State of Florida is an absolute mess.

I was married to a woman and was subsequently divorced from her when she
cheated on me and became pregnant. The year was 1990, after I found out it
was not my child she left. I didn’t know where she went. I filled for
divorce and published in papers, attempted having her served on several
occasion… she just vanished.

In 1992 the divorce was finalized. In 1992 I also remarried. This marriage
is still going strong. Anyway my ex-wife periodically hounds my parents.
The latest last year is that she claimed her son of 14 years is mine. This
is the same child she admitted to me that he was not mine in 1990. So, I
paid for a DNA from the most respectable DNA diagnostic agency in the
country. Over $500 for this test. I have sent copies to the State of
Florida numerous times. I have documented phone calls, certified letters,

I just find out today that the State of Florida has issued a summons for me.
Claiming that I owe them 14 years worth of child support. I also found out
that my ex-wife has had several other children since we were divorced and
has given them my surname.

I can’t get the State of Florida off my back. I have no money. I am a full
time student working towards a law degree. I have spent and spent and
spent until I can’t spend any more.

Can anyone there help me? How can a woman whom you don’t even have contact
with keep bringing a case against you. Why does the State of Florida ignore
my DNA evidence? Why do they keep trying to sue me? What have I done and
how can this stop? The State of Florida has a final divorce decree on file
since 1992 that states no children. What the heck is up?

I have sent similar emails to:

WSB TV Investigative Reporting Team
Tampa Tribune
Jacksonville Times
Neal Boortz
ABC News
Gov and Lt. Gov of Florida

And I am in the process of creating a web page that was donated to my cause as well. On the web page I have copies of all the documentation. I will continue to shout out to anyone that will listen as this is crazy. I will be sending emails to every newspaper, tv station and reporter until someone helps sort this out.