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this is aside from divorce issues but certainly related
on personal level considering my divorcing husband got me into
yet another scam and who knows what and why…how he profited.

Early April when just opening my new biz/nightclub…that is now in a
tailspin do to the career criminal swindler husband…another fine
He urged me to contract with a local radio station when
an old white gent came into my biz and said he would air
many commercials during their oldies music which is
on everyday. Paid him $550.00 by check. Gent was to go over
commercial with MY OK first before airing. IN next
couple of days I found out there is NO oldies music other than
a short time ONE of their days…otherwise its black gospel music with listeners only of what is NOT coming to my
southern redneck bar. Called as soon as I found out. (i am from
California and fairly new to NC and this area - went by my
southern bred husband’s recommendations)
and the NASTY man on other end.saying the man that came
to my estabishment NO longer works for them…well I asked for owner and he lied saying he was an owner…a DJ…bottom line eventually
with persistance a black gal from their station called and said she
would be refunding the money but could take many months.
NOT acceptable I told her. I switched money out of my biz
acct to my checking…and later stopped the check in case it
tried to go thru again…knowing that this small rural radio station
was about to get me good for $550…and thats alot of money to ME.
Well I got a notice for BAD CHECK and if I dont pay $550 plus interest
in cash to the county Bad check division I will be arrested.
Have called their division…and BC gal says I should PAY
and then take them to small claims. Hahahaha
They will get the money and I will NEVER see it again.
This radio station is owned by DHA productions I have found in
searches and NO/…DHA productions number/address is to be
found. Heard that some months ago a radio station was scamming people
out of money. Lord when does it end.
I have been turned inside out by a swindler husband stripped of all
most everything…
IS THERE SOME WAY I can do something without having to
turn over money in this scam? while avoidig being jailed
for a bad check?
In this particular area of this county…and all since I stepped on
NC soil its been something else with individuals that are outright
scam artists …including my landlord on my business who has been known to swindle, thieve for ALL His 79 years…as a SUPER BAD reputation…with setting 25 fires, brother in for life for murder…this landlord taking people in scam jobs for much money in everything he does…and this same landlord trying to get me out of my new biz by anything he can do…and MUCH he has done…so he can pick up the $4000 deposit I gave him in March to rent this new business…and is calling ALL he knows…for so many years telling stories to regulars…my business has gone down to almost NO patronage…also he has called health dept on bogus complaints…called ambulances…having spies around…HAVE NO IDEA what a mess I am in…and IF my biz does not make it QUICK…I will have LOST all invested PLUS have NO way to possibly have an income to survive being I am in HOCK up to my EARS…its my only hope. I cant PROVE anything…as this man has done this for years and getting away with it…in Columbus Ct NC which has a BAD reputation itself for its court system and law enforcement system…
BAD NEW…I am in the pITS

Jessica Almond