Spanking by X's on/off again boyfriend

My X still lives with her on and off again boyfriend/friend. Recently he spanked my 9 year old son, who very rarely ever gets into trouble. I can count on 1 hand how many times I’ve spanked my son in 9 years. This this is the 2nd time he has spanked my son in 5 years. the first time he spanked him, he and my x were somewhat in steady relationship and she had primary custody of my children. Now I have primary custody of my children. She and the b/f fight and fuss all the time,she say’s she’s moving out and now he spanks my child. I have very mixed emotions about this. It does make me mad and it really made my children especially my son very uncomfortable b/c this man he is not very close to at all and with the on again off again relationship he and my x have, it makes it even more uncomfortable for my children. What should I do? If i say something to my X she will just say that she can’t control what he does…

If you believe the situation is serious enough that your child is in danger you may contact social services, and file a motion to modify custody. In this instance however, it seems like a rare incident (twice in 5 years). I suggest that you have a conversation with this man regarding his interactions with your child.

Yeah, you should now do move to file a motion to modify custody. It is better if you will have insurance to your son’s sake and even for your sake. You should not let this thing happens again.